Colby brock

  The young sensation of LA Colby is truly a motivation for youth and the people who want to work something outside the box. Nowadays we have lots of youtube and social media influencer but this young dude is completely different because not his very good in his work but also he helps other people who need help like his most of the earnings is dedicated to charity which is quite different for 25 years old Young gentleman. Colby is not only a great motivation for me but for all of us too. His not only a good person but also a very good person from heart ❤️ He started his career at the age of 18. he left the house and shift to LA with his best friend Sam and started a channel name called sam&cloby these guys face a lots of  of trouble to create contents like abandons places visit most hunting at the age of 18 he almost dies.... The dedication to words his works and the society Makes Colby a truly great gems kind of a person in our era.

Truth of Covid19 virus and the real fight between body and virus

Today everyone is scared of this word positive ... The world's most positive word itself became the most horrifyingly negative word in today's era... What is the issue behind it why this becomes so scary that having a result positive people die in panic? Is this the world's most dangerous virus? No then why its become so stagnant. I was having this kind of question in mind before I became positive. I witness this change in my family we were very sure from day one that its covid but when the result came every one became sad that yes it's covid. I was not sure that what happened suddeny we all know its covid from very first and the report said the same thing then everything should be normal but  That was not the picture there were sad it took me a long to understand the depth of what changed at that time. The truth is this virus is not scary this the news around the virus is scary.. The person who is covid positive become so scared that he is not understanding his curren

If you can dream ....

There is a world where hope. and dreams can last for all time wonderful place to go. you will know it when your heart finds. if you can dream wish will meeting on a star is coming true colour of the wind will lead my heart right-back to you if you can dream.

Bus ek pal hi kafi hai

Koi jana chahata hai to use Jane do ...  ab zaburdasti to rishtey nahi nibhaye ja Saketh hai na. Zaruri nahi ki kuch todne k liye pathar hi mara Jaye . kabhi kabhi aandaz badal k bolne se v bhut kuch tut Jata hai. Har Shakas us shakas ko dhoondh raha hai jo Bina kuch Kahe hi sab samjh jaye. bachpan se na jane kitni duaye mangte hai bhagwan se sapne sajate us insaan ki  Lekin milne k bad uski kya kadar karna nahi bhul jate hai log. Kehte hai rishton me sorry or thank you nahi Kehna chahiye . Par sach to ye hai .. ye do words na Jane kitne rishton Ko tutne se bacha sakte hai. Ek mukamal zindagi barbad kar di tere is adhure ishq ne. Mat karo ishaq yaaro bade jhamele hai ishq karne wale haste sabke sath hai lekin rote akele hai. Kuch log apni akad me kitne anmol rishtey khoo dete hai. Yaad rakhna wadon ko nibhane wala 1000 galtiya v maaf kar deta hai or chod k janewala ek choti si galti me v chod k chala jata hai. Apna pyaar uske liye sambhal k rakho jise uski kadar ho. Pyaar or bharosa bh

Rules of progressive life

A beautiful line from Shree Mad Bhagvat Geeta. Making mistakes is our nature. Acceptances of mistakes shows our culture. Correcting mistakes decides our stature. I truly believe in one thing divine is always with those people who are innocent. There is a popular quote in India everyone says and believes this that children are god. The question is why because there are innocent but after growing up the same child is not god anymore why is this a wrong belief of the people are fools if someone is god in childhood after growing up his becomes devil how Can this is possible. Yes, it is possible because there’s one quality which is important for peace love, happiness which is considered as a mark of god that’s innocence. That’s the reason lord shiva always maintains this quality within him. He has the immense power his the destroyer the whole universe power is with him in the form of his wife Parvati he called as the god of the gods but he never loses his quality innocence the world also ca

Thoughts can impact your action ,,,

I was reading somewhere that you should think positive then positive will happen. I never understand how this mechanism works but after reading a very well known book by Dr. Wayne thought can change your life really help me to find out how it works. So lets began ... with my point of view on this. 1 whatever the thought we have got in our mind whole day intentionally or unintentionally can really impact are personality or action lets take an example that if you think someone is not good for you. you will start getting signs which will relate and give the proof that it's really not good for you. but does this is a sign of a healthy mind NO it means your brain is not developed yet or I can say mature grow up who can differentiate between intuition or insecurity/anxiety most of us in our age group people are suffering from this mental disease which looks very small but It will end up making a horrible design like this not good for me and if I choose this I may fail etc according to th

Overwhelming love make me so emotional that i am sharing my feeling with you guys

It feels like its matter of yesterday, I leave this place and shifted to NCR nothing is changed. I am shocked if it's my native place so I will be not that much shocked because I know my mom preserve all this small thing as it is but here I was leaving with my brother for almost 3 to 4 years and after that, in 2017 I shifted to NCR and its almost 2 & half years I am leaving there and after that 2 & half year I am coming back to this place and everything is as it is even those books I was reading on that period of time it was still with the bookmarks on the same page where left.💖💖💖💖  I am blessed that someone loves me so deeply that he doesn't even change anything everything is as it is where I left behind