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The last letter .... Its very difficult to give light to someone when you are already in darkness.

Strange right ... why I always come up with this kind of topic where darkness is involved well there is no light without darkness, you will not realize the value of light or goodness If you don't see the darkness.   well right now I am shocked and happy to when I see my stats reports on google that people from the entire world reading my blogs and sending an email to me I was very happy and in last weak, I was thinking about what I will write next and one email came and its changed my life.  One of my readers sends me an email he mentions on that email that I really like whatever you wrote on your Give up article I really appreciate your work but I wish I could read it much earlier in my life I am from France and I am 49 years old in my entire life I have never realized this that I am losing my beautiful life for one dream now I am struggling with a disease which I don't want to share and yeah I read you article and tear came out of my eyes that I wish someone stop me on my 30s

GIVE UP ... we are alive this is the reason we have a dream. we have a dream this is not the reason we are alive

When I think I lost everything.  when I think I can't be better than this. when I think I don't have any dreams to fulfill. when I think I can't bear all this. when I think that whatever I want that's a dream I cant achieve. when I think this is it I give up. I know it's very depressing no one wants to be in this situation even me too. but what if you are in this situation. I know its painful right ... not only painful it feels claustrophobic. you can't escape from this what you will do if you say give up then you are on right track.  I also feel the same you know what I read everywhere you should not give up with your dreams always chase for it one day it will come true. Those people who try never give up. I agree but no one tells you how many people try and on those people how many fail to achieve it, No one will tell you. wants to know why because everyone wants a success no one is ready to handle a failure this drama is so big if you share your failure peopl

The day, I step into a depression and I feel blessed.

I know nowadays heartbreak is common even a lot of people are suffering from this but some can get over and others can't. No one knows why so. The reason is we all loose magic or positivity from our lives which makes us motivated or which gives us the strength to stand out or fight from this. I don't realize this until I step into my depression. I am 26 and yes I can say that I step into depression, not because of one thing there are multiple reasons why I can say this so. Now when I started writing this I felt that I am blessed that I feel this pain I know I am sounding like a mad person but there is a reason behind it in my whole life I meet multiple people who all are suffering from this and there all share their stories with me I only give sympathy being a sensitive person to those people never realize the real pain and I can say one can realize until or unless there don't be in that pain. yes, it is very painful in staring its feel like you are a loser you can't do