GIVE UP ... we are alive this is the reason we have a dream. we have a dream this is not the reason we are alive

When I think I lost everything. 
when I think I can't be better than this.
when I think I don't have any dreams to fulfill.
when I think I can't bear all this.
when I think that whatever I want that's a dream I cant achieve.
when I think this is it I give up.

I know it's very depressing no one wants to be in this situation even me too.
but what if you are in this situation. I know its painful right ... not only painful it feels claustrophobic.
you can't escape from this what you will do if you say give up then you are on right track. 

I also feel the same you know what I read everywhere you should not give up with your dreams always chase for it one day it will come true. Those people who try never give up. I agree but no one tells you how many people try and on those people how many fail to achieve it, No one will tell you. wants to know why because everyone wants a success no one is ready to handle a failure this drama is so big if you share your failure people will come and say you know what you are a loser that's why you give up. you should try more, I don't think you give your 100%. This pressure to be perfect to achieve everything not ready to accept failure it will make you depressed it will trap in the situation I mention above. You know what sometimes it is ok to give up when you know you give your 100% when you know you cant do more than this when you know you try every possible way to achieve that dream but it's not happening it is ok to GIVE UP. we are alive this is the reason we have a dream. we have a dream this is not the reason we are alive. but some people spoil their entire life to fulfill just one dream and if there fail on that there just kill themselves. You don't think that sometimes you should accept the truth that it is ok I can't achieve everything and give up.  will give you more benefits rather than just chasing for it and end up in a situation where you lost everything and still achieve nothing. You know this is truly a genius is that person who knows when to stop. I know so many people in my life who waste their entire life just to fulfill one stupid dream I am sorry m saying stupid but I will justify why I am using this word, these people forget to live their life he doesn't care about his lover his family his sounding on that time he was only giving importance to there dream like a horse in a race wearing a blinker who can't see right or left only straight towards there goal. but let me clear one thing if you are wearing a blinker maybe you can win a horse race, not a real-life race in real life you should consider everything not only just one thing. If you consider everything you will never put your self in a situation which I mention above because you have multiple reasons to live for. But if you wear a blinker and focus on one thing you may stand in a situation where no one wants to stand. Now you have to decide you want to live a life like a horse chasing for one thing and not consider your family your lover your friends not giving time to these people focus on only one thing and end up alone with nothing because you won't give your self a room to make mistakes .  or you want to live a life where you try everything sometimes you fail sometimes you achieve you spend your entire life happily with your family and loved once yes this is truly happy life is not a fairy tale it will only become true when you will accept the truth and ready to GIVE UP. 


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