The day, I step into a depression and I feel blessed.

I know nowadays heartbreak is common even a lot of people are suffering from this but some can get over and others can't. No one knows why so. The reason is we all loose magic or positivity from our lives which makes us motivated or which gives us the strength to stand out or fight from this. I don't realize this until I step into my depression. I am 26 and yes I can say that I step into depression, not because of one thing there are multiple reasons why I can say this so. Now when I started writing this I felt that I am blessed that I feel this pain I know I am sounding like a mad person but there is a reason behind it in my whole life I meet multiple people who all are suffering from this and there all share their stories with me I only give sympathy being a sensitive person to those people never realize the real pain and I can say one can realize until or unless there don't be in that pain. yes, it is very painful in staring its feel like you are a loser you can't do anything you are just good for nothing then you will feel everything is your fault you are not good enough that's why everything is happening with you slowly the people around you make you feel that yeah this is true you are good for nothing because you are surrounded by a negative people. who all degrade you never give you a chance to be who you really are and all these small things make you depressed. and in the end, you give up. But listen to my words before you give up there is no such thing called end. Every ending brings a new beginning you need to just wait and find out. I know in your situation it may feel that no there is no beginning for me everything is finished but no my dear friend the day you started to find what is new you will definitely find a way to get over from this and yes sometimes you realize that it is your fault or your wrong behavior or something is wrong with you not with others if this is the case than except it yes it is tough but except it and try to improve your self I am not saying to change, I am saying to improve your self. The day you will upgrade your self your surrounding will change the day you realize that where is the problem and what you need to fix you will find a control of your life and your new confidence create a shield around you which no one can break trust me no one. negative words people cant cross that barrier which is created by you and which is for you. But for doing all this you just need to do one thing find out a solution because full stop doesn't mean THE END.


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