The last letter .... Its very difficult to give light to someone when you are already in darkness.

Strange right ... why I always come up with this kind of topic where darkness is involved well there is no light without darkness, you will not realize the value of light or goodness If you don't see the darkness.  

well right now I am shocked and happy to when I see my stats reports on google that people from the entire world reading my blogs and sending an email to me I was very happy and in last weak, I was thinking about what I will write next and one email came and its changed my life. 

One of my readers sends me an email he mentions on that email that I really like whatever you wrote on your Give up article I really appreciate your work but I wish I could read it much earlier in my life I am from France and I am 49 years old in my entire life I have never realized this that I am losing my beautiful life for one dream now I am struggling with a disease which I don't want to share and yeah I read you article and tear came out of my eyes that I wish someone stop me on my 30s or 20s so I will not end up like this. bless you and bless your work......  From the last two days, I am thinking about this man whole time I couldn't sleep in fact that what should I reply to him or how I make him happy that's why I give heading like this. yes, it is very difficult to give light to someone if you are already in darkness. So I decided that I will tell the truth I know it will not heal him but he will definitely feel better.

well here comes the TRUTH.
My dearest friend from France.

you know what. We only understand those things which we really want to understand. right now you live the entire journey of your life and you know the result that's why you are capable enough to understand my article but if I say the same thing in the mid of your journey like you said in your 20s or 30s you will ignore me and not at all listen to me because like I said to understand the value of light you have to face the darkness, you know what if someone tries to stop you in your 20s maybe you label that person as a mad person. let me share my life story with you I love one guy and he was very passionate about his work and I really love that on him but once I started seeing that his passion is now converting into madness I try to stop him and what happens is more worst, whenever I try to stop him from something he labeled me that I am controlling him. whenever I want to guide him using strong words he said that I am dominating and his habits are not good at all taking too much of alcohol and so many bad things he takes to divert his mind from failure and I know the entire truth about his life his habits and everything and also I love him so how can I let him die like this, so whenever he is outside I used to call him a lot because I care about him I want to know on that time that his not in a trouble and consuming too much of bad things and because I met him on his bad times. It becomes my habit and I end up labeling my self as a mad person. I fail at that time I can't make him understand the reason why I am doing this, but I believe in one thing if you do something with good deeds it will always give you good results. I share this because I want that you understand that no one can help you until or unless you want to help your self, Maybe in your time you also got a sign like this but you ignored. Listen to me now... you don't have time to realize your mistake because you don't have time to fix that mistake. I will say only one thing whatever time is left with you live each and every second of your life and be happy, everyone has to die one day and this is your end, my friend. I am glad that I got a chance to be with you in your bad times so before that my first friend from France at least you live your life in your way I know the result is worst but at least you try I am proud of you buddy there is no one like you at least you have the courage to accept the failure how many people have the courage to accept that there are failed NO ONE doesn't think too much about anything and make your self happy dear love you and sending lots of happiness for you I wish and I pray that my words give you the answers you are searching for and if I make you happy even for 1sec my life is fulfilled. BLESS YOU, BUDDY.