Rules of progressive life

A beautiful line from Shree Mad Bhagvat Geeta.

Making mistakes is our nature.
Acceptances of mistakes shows our culture.
Correcting mistakes decides our stature.

I truly believe in one thing divine is always with those people who are innocent.

There is a popular quote in India everyone says and believes this that children are god. The question is why because there are innocent but after growing up the same child is not god anymore why is this a wrong belief of the people are fools if someone is god in childhood after growing up his becomes devil how Can this is possible. Yes, it is possible because there’s one quality which is important for peace love, happiness which is considered as a mark of god that’s innocence. That’s the reason lord shiva always maintains this quality within him. He has the immense power his the destroyer the whole universe power is with him in the form of his wife Parvati he called as the god of the gods but he never loses his quality innocence the world also called him innocent shiva. If God knows everything still maintaining this quality. It means this is the purest form of being a human. So if you also anyhow managed to maintain this quality within you nurture it you will definitely see the changes in life and if the people around you snatched that innocence from than take a deep breath and remind your childhood that unconditional happiness. You will definitely find your way.

Innocent or not it's for sure you will make a mistake.
If you are innocent or pure soul you will accept the mistake.
and if you accept it it means you will defiantly try to correct it and automatically you will progress.

See this is the rule of progressive life by lord Krishna it may look effortless, but you can only achieve it if you learn to cut your ego if you learn to control your anger if you learn to transform your soul to its original form innocent if you learn to forgive. pure heart or pure soul will give you peace it will always set you free from baggage. Ego and anger will always trap you and always give you a burden. With heavy luggage, (burden) you cant travel long. you will fall one day. And life is a very long journey choice is yours how you want to travel.