Thoughts can impact your action ,,,

I was reading somewhere that you should think positive then positive will happen. I never understand how this mechanism works but after reading a very well known book by Dr. Wayne thought can change your life really help me to find out how it works.

So lets began ... with my point of view on this.

1 whatever the thought we have got in our mind whole day intentionally or unintentionally can really impact are personality or action lets take an example that if you think someone is not good for you. you will start getting signs which will relate and give the proof that it's really not good for you. but does this is a sign of a healthy mind NO it means your brain is not developed yet or I can say mature grow up who can differentiate between intuition or insecurity/anxiety most of us in our age group people are suffering from this mental disease which looks very small but It will end up making a horrible design like this not good for me and if I choose this I may fail etc according to the person to person we become more choose rather than believing in feeling, emotions and other sense we only focus or consider or takes action using only one sense that's also not fully grown-up but we choose that why ????? because we think its a gut feeling but we fail to understand that's not a gut feeling. I am not saying gut feeling and intuition don't exist it exists but it only works when your all sensors are working properly when you can identify between when you get intuition and from where you get this feeling. So that I can say you are going to take the right design but if you are not ready with all this handy i will suggest work on your self