Today.... what a roller coaster day

What a busy day today ... working from the last 38 hours without taking rest exhausted I have never imagined that I can push my self this much. So before going to bed, I thought let's write something, I want to try actually can I write something good in this situation or not let's see the response on this article will give the result.

Ahh.. what should I write the first thing came into my mind. freedom.

I don't know why today m feeling free.
I don't know why  today want to fly,,,
I don't know why today is the day.

Actually, today is the worst day of my life which is almost going to end ... I might think that and sleep but, No wait a minute after I started thinking I felt like actually its the best day of my life. I mean what is better than this today I realize the worth of mine and also how not being my self I am effecting my worth and value on my own eyes, Today I can finally say that yes I am back to take the charge of my life again it might be confusing why I am saying this but from the last couple of month due to so many reasons I was not feeling my self and also I can say I was not satisfied with my self because I never see my value on other's eyes first I see my value on my own eye or let me simplify this. I can't face my self from the last few months not because I did something wrong it was just because I was not behaving the way I am. So thas why I was not feeling free my actions are controlled by my emotions and now when I got my logical mind back. I lough on my self that seriously it was me who is doing all this bulshit and totally in logical know this is true when emotions are high logic and intelligence is low, but here's the good thing when emotion go away which is natural logic take charge again then things aligned naturally. So I am sharing this for those who also facing the issue like me and couldn't find a way maybe you are loaded with emotions it can be any sort of emotion so you need to wait when this baggage go away you will find your self soon and you also feel free.